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Data Backup


So you didn't back up your computer, and now it has crashed?

It has happened to most of us. And this time it happened to you.

How valuable is your data? This is a question many people unfortunately don't even consider until it's too late.

A hard drive crash can be devastating, no matter what you lose can be important; documents, accounting data, e-mails, pictures, term papers etc.

Laptop hard drives are particularly susceptible to overheating or physical trauma which may render the data unrecoverable. With external hard drives getting bigger and cheaper every year and new Blu-Ray and Dual Layer DVD burners becoming standard on new laptops and desktops, there's no reason to leave your data at risk.

Personally I have at least two backups of everyting I would like to save. If it's real important to me I make sure I make three or more backups of everything, and try to keep one or more at different physical locations.

Don't wait until it's too late, get a reliable backup system in place now!