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Custom Built Computers


We can custom build a computer system for you according to your specifications.

If you can stop by we will be more than happy to take the time to learn exactly what you want or need for your new computer to perform to your satisfaction. Wheather it will be a gaming machine, server, workstation, media center or just something to get on the internet with, we will assist you in choosing all the correct components (case, power supply, mother board, cpu, memory, hard drive(s), Blu-Ray, DVD, etc).

We can also transfer all of your data from a previous system and install any software you may also need to help make the migration to your new computer as hassle free as possible.

We try to keep as much hardware in stock as we can, but if there is something you want or need specifically that we are not stocking, we can normally get it here within three to five working days, (sooner if needed).